How can you use Google trends for websites and serve better to your audience in all fields of marketing?

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Daily, I spend 4 to 5 hour of my time on Google searching and social media searching. This is my passion to find some new and awesome topics for my blog readers. Some day before I publish an article related to social media and found that maximum visitors are coming from a particular part of country. Then I found that searching of that particular keyword is more in that part and all this information I get from Google Trends for websites.

Why Google Trends for websites?

Google trends is really good for Bloggers and content writers, for business people it helps to monitor a brand or an industry. Data analytics in big company can use this tool as data analysis. Here we can’t mention every points, only by using you can understand more about Google Trends. As its name specify Trends, so it is pretty obvious that it will help you out in marketing, brands, analysis and current trends of the market.

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Keyword research

We all know that most important aspect of SEO and Blogging are Keywords. Keyword research is must if you are a blogger and SEO beginner or expert. Without proper keyword research, we can’t rise in the field of blogging. Like a chef he must know about the food taste of every single person, who visited his/her restaurant. Similarly, a blogger must know about the taste of its audience, their likes and dislikes.

By using Google trends we can check how a particular or more than one keywords popularity along with countries and List of similar keywords. You can optimize your content too. Growth of keywords with accurate data and future trends are also available here. All thing will make your content cool and well-targeted.

To find best Meta keyword for your blog

If you are a Niche blogger then it is good for your blog’s future. But, sometime if you are unable to find Meta keyword (These Meta tag helps Google bots about finding your blog Niche) of your blog then you can take help from Google Trends. It will show you all Meta keyword related Keywords for your blog along with data related to their performance country wise. If you want to check analytics data then you can also check it around the globe.

For example, we decide to change niche of our blog from Tech to SEO, I took help from this tool. Within 5 month we gain good success and huge number of audience around the globe. Our Selected Meta Keyword are Blogging, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Make Money. You can check it in our source code.    

Brand Monitoring     

You can monitor your company brand with other company brands or your favourite brands too. Result analysis will show you what people think about your brands, you can compare your brands according to analysis graph of Google Trends.  We can also search terms related to industry and can find what people talking about recently and previously as well. Let’s compare Dominos and Pizza hut. 

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Market trends

If you want to search about market trends on your favorite videos, songs, and others. Google trends give you a year wise data to help you what time a particular song or a video was famous. Now, it’s time to compare your favourite band’s videos with others.

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Here, we can also go through about market trends of Mobiles, laptops and Technologies country wise. Let’s see some interesting market trends of    Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry.        

Brand Comparision

How Google Trends for websites works?

Google Trends is an awesome, reliable and trust able service provide by Google. So, this tool uses data from Google Adwords and Google Adsense, then it shows you data and analysis graph relevant to your keywords. All are internally connected so you can check market value of every keyword.

For Example, if a keyword ABC have high revenue in Canada but in UK this keyword have very less revenue, now you can choose your keyword according to your audience.

Relevant search and relevant keywords will pay you good amount of money. But it is up to you, how correctly and efficiently you use this tool.  

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As a Blogger I will suggest you to not only depend on a single tool. Try Google Adwords, Google Trends for websites and Semrush simultaneously. Take data from all above mention tools and make your own analytics. It will help you to think about other trends and after some time you will be a master in this filed.       

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