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Hello, Friends how are you? How your Facebook going on? How much time you are wasting on Facebook? Shocked why I am asking this type of question?
There is a reason, Because daily I see 6 out of 10 bloggers, Page admins, business people etc. waste their time on chatting and gaming on Facebook then they come to me or other Social Media pros for their page doubts and page growth. So today I am going to share my ideas with you on Facebook page optimization checker tool and share my experience with you. So, that everyone can use their Facebook fan efficiently and make good position in market of social media.

Why I am writing this article/ why I choose this topic for you? 

Some day before, an unknown friend message me and ask “How can I make my Facebook fan page more attractive like you? No one like my posts, no one shares and no one comments on my page”. We only gives priority to our readers and readers are our money, nothing else. If my suggestion work for you, then it will be an achievement for me to write for you.

Why you need to use Facebook fan page Optimization?

It is obvious and well known fact that Facebook is the biggest social media around the globe and there is no other place than Facebook to publicize business, brands and company. Without optimization and without right direction goal we can’t make a brand successful so, it is necessary to optimize Facebook fan page.         

Facebook fan page optimization checker tool

Firstly, we use Likealyzer- Facebook Fan Page Optimization Checker Tool for my fan page URL and then we will go through to all necessary optimization part of Facebook page. This tool will give us all information about Page Optimization by using this tool we can make our page more attractive and catchy. So let’s start. This tool analyse success of your FB page and we can improve our success by follow some awesome rules.   

Go through all the pics, we can understand how this tool work. I work lot on my page. So, my page is good optimize but here I will explain you what you can do to make your Fan page optimize and more attractive.

Review papablogger Facebook fan page


In Designing part, I am going to cover two topics in which the first part is Cover Picture and other one is Profile Picture. Your page must have Profile and Cover picture with good colour combination and catchy theme. Cover picture always related to your brand so that audience can understand what is your page theme? And what is your business?

About session

Your about session must be clean and simple, try to define your brand in 10-15 words so that it will not take much time of audience to understand about your brand. If you have good website and blog please put its URL on about session.

Papa Blogger Facebook fan page review 2

Page Information

  • Page Name: - Your Facebook page must have catchy and simple name. Don’t use too complex and big name for your brand, it will create problem for audience to remember your page name.
  • Category: - When you are going to start a page, then you have to choose a right category. So, it will help your brand to provide more reach.   
  • User Name: - Take a good user name, try to make user name same as page name. So, that you can promote it by URL sharing among the friends and audience.   
  • Website: - If you have website and blog please mention URL in about session.
  • About: - As I mentioned above About session must short and simple, if you use more wording in about session then no one can see complete info in single time and you know now days no one want to click on your about session and read a big story about your fan page. Just try that your blog URL always shown to audience with your brand info.    
  • Milestones: - Milestone means to make competition for audience so that everyone can take part and win something from your side. By making a milestone and put a good prize for winner provide you good popularity and reachability. Try to make milestone according to your business and brand. If you have technology blog page then you can make a milestone and can gift best 3 participants- Pen drive, Keyboard, head phones etc.   
  • Page Liked by you: - Like some pages also from your page this is other policy of optimization. Its benefits are awesome suppose you comment on a page which have good reputation, in comment box your page profile pic will appear with comment and 1 out of 50 will check your page and like if you have good content.     

Page Performance

  • Likes: - As likes increase your reachability also increases. Try to make more likes to your Facebook page but putting like box on blog and website too. Tell your friends to like and share your page. Try to make more than 1K likes, it will surely boost up your page performance.    
  • Likes Growth: - By increasing likes, your growth of likes increase side by side. If you have good growth, then it is good for your brand.
  • PTAT: - People Talking About This. By increase both Page likes and Page growth your page engagement also increases.    
  • Engagement Rate: - It is calculate by PTAT divide by Page likes.

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Post By page

  • Post per day: - I will recommend you to put one post daily with different format like Text, picture, Videos, Questions and Links. Don’t put same type of posts like pictures all the time or videos all the time, with same type of posts your audience really get bored from your page and don’t put too much posts like 5 in a day or 10 in a day, if you do like this people unlike your page and it will reduce your reach.      
  • Post per type: - As I mentioned above change the format of posts because no one want to eat same type of food daily. Similarly, your audience wants quantity but with new changes and new taste.
  • Timing: - It is the most important factor of Facebook page optimization, if your audience is sleeping and you are posting on page, it is totally worthless. So target your audience and post according to your audience here I will suggest to post around 11PM to 2PM (Indian Standard Time) because in this time Indian as well as people from US (we have difference of 12:30 hours)are also online. It will increase your reachability easily.         
  • Length of posts: - According to this tool we have to write longer posts means more than 100 characters. Longer post will help your audience to understand about your posts and provides you more response. This is my weak part so I will definitely improve it and you also try to write long posts too. 
  • Curiosity and Hashtags: - Always ask good amount of questions and use hash tags in each posts. If you don’t know about hashtags you can visit our page and learn what we do or what we avoid.

Papa Blogger Facebook fan page review 3

Posts by Others

Always open your page for others so that your audience can share something with you and others. If someone drops a question try to give response as soon as possible, it will shows that you take care of your audience and visitors. Your good and fast response always attracts people towards your blog like a two different poles of magnet.    

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Here is the end of my blog post, I know it’s too long to read and apply but there are not so much hard. All are just simple steps and you can do it all easily. With this awesome tool, I share my one year social media experience with you. This checker tool gives you rank and all thing that you really need for your Facebook Fan page Optimization. So, enjoy it.

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