Online Passive Income Ideas for Freelancer Designers

Online Passive Income Ideas for Freelancer Designers

As a freelance designer, you only generate income when you're working on a job for a client. No matter how many hours you work and how high your rate, you won't earn more, unless you start cultivating Online Passive Income Ideas. Opportunities for passive income abound. You just need a little creativity to see them and then prime the pump so the cash starts rolling your way.

Online Passive Income Idea 1- Writing For Blog

Writing is one of the best Online Passive Income Ideas to earn passive income. Start with a blog offering your insight on a topic, or better yet, write a series of how to articles. Interesting and valuable content will drive traffic to your website or blog and you can sign up with a few ad networks Like Google Adsense, BuySellads-Best Google Adsense Alternative. You won't get rich from ads, but you will start generating some passive income.

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Once you're comfortable writing and have gained a following, write an eBook. A successful eBook will earn a lot more than ad clicks, but you have to do some marketing and self-promotion to get the ball rolling. Many eBooks have a short lifespan. Revenue is high soon after publication, then drops off.

You can slow the drop-off by continuing to write and blog on topics similar to the book's theme. Once people know you as an authority, they'll seek out your written work. You may even pick up some extra income as a guest poster or Guest blogger.

Online Passive Income Idea 2- Sell stock graphics, templates and designs

Create collections of some of your work, or create templates and downloadable designs. You can sell these from your own website if you take the time to set up the shopping infrastructure and invest in Web hosting that can handle large file transfers. If you'd rather spend your time designing, sell through other e-commerce sites. It's harder to make money on this now than it was a few years ago, but if you structure the work properly on the first few templates, you'll become more efficient at creating new designs to sell.

Online Passive Income Idea 3 - Do side projects for people online

Earning Money Online

Create tools such as sidebars, sign up boxes and utilities to make things easier for other Blogger and webmasters. If you do these simple things well, people will buy your designs and provide you a good amount. This is another idea that won't make you rich, but will bring in a steady flow of cash and slowly you can achieve perfection in both money making and designing.

Online Passive Income Idea 4 - Design logos for T-shirts and hats

If you are good in designing then you can Design cool logos for T-shirts/hats and people will want to wear it. You don't have even to stock the inventory because there are sites like Cafepress that will print and ship your work on demand.

Online Passive Income Idea 5 - Enter Design Contests

Several sites run design contests where designers compete to win the business of companies looking for new logos. These sites also feature easily customized logos for a variety of business and industry types. Enter as many contest as you can, and post your designs for people to see and possibly select as their new logo. Check out the rules at DesignCrowd or 99designs.

None of these ideas will make you rich in the short term, but if you continue your business and marketing skills, you'll find that each month you make a little more progress and earn a little more Online Passive Income by above given Online Passive Income Ideas.

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