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Android Email clients

You are welcome to small world of technology called “Papa blogger”. We are very thankful for all our blog readers. Today, we are going to inform you about some useful Android Email client or you can simply call them Email Apps .You all know very well that how fast we are growing and we don’t have enough time to spend on small activities.

In today’s era Email is a part of our life, for contact purpose, data sending or receiving and many other tasks. So here we are providing some email clients and by using these Android Email client you can receive your mail and also send mail to any where (this condition not applicable at Sahara desert and Himalaya
)at any time.
For business class people, these apps are gifts. So take a tour with us.

K-9 Mail client

One of the most important and useful Android Email client for android is K-9. Important thing of K-9 is open-source and has useful features.

K-9 supports

1.     IMAP push email
2.     Flagging
3.     Multi-folder sync
4.     Filing
5.     Signatures
6.     bcc-self
7.     PGP mail on SD

K-9 works flawlessly whether you are a Gmail user or an Outlook junkie. It has ability to import folders and flags easily, so this feature makes K-9 one of the best email client on android. Best thing of this email client is that it is free and we human are lovers of free things, am I right? 

Aqua Mail client

Aqua Android Email client is IMAP-enabled mail client same as K-9. It has easy setup for awesome services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail, as well as Aqua Mail is very user friendly any new user on this field can easily try Aqua mail client smoothly.

Aqua supports.

1.     Lotus Notes
2.     MS Exchange
3.     Furthermore
4.     Push Mail using Gmail or GMX

Some other features like saving messages to SD card, task integration, and widgets make it killer J . Rating of app is 4.5 out of 5, this means 90 percent; Oh My God! I never got 90 percent in my school life as well as college life. One issue is with lite version; the app will add its own promotional signature at the ending part. If you’re not okay with this feature, you have to spend some money for Aqua Pro version.

Touchdown client

Touchdown has some good feature and ability to synchronize all your emails, contacts, calendars and tasks with your awesome Android device. Touchdown Android Email client is best for corporate mail geeks; it is quite popular among exchange users and also has been appreciated in the marketplace. Apart from syncing all your corporate data, it also contains essential security features like encryption, secure wipe, PIN support and many more.

Gmail client

Gmail is probably the highly used and the most popular Android Email client for Android. In most of android devices it is per-installed, the app simply works out of the box. The best covering field of the app is that it brings almost all the important features of the all web version of the service to your Android device. When it once connected to your Google account, you can check your mails, save attachments, set up label for notifications and many more tasks.
Overall, it is an absolutely essential app if you are a Gmail user.

  Yahoo! Mail client

Are you a Yahoo mail user?
If your answer is yes then this Android Email client app will come is really useful for you. The best covering field of the app is that it brings almost all the important features of the all web version of the service to your Android device. 
The free Android Email client app always allows you to add multiple Yahoo! accounts, preview your and others photos in your beautiful inbox, compose text with rich emotions, send and receive mail attachments, and much more. Most important part of this app is supporting for smart folders along with powerful search functionality.

Hotmail client

This Android Email client will help you check your inbox with ease, if you are a Hotmail user. Hotmail client supports push notifications, allows you to sync calendar and contacts, lets you send pictures using Hotmail, and much more. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars which means 84 percent; again you know what I would like to say. Hotmail is freely available for download from the Play Store. 

If you want to share your knowledge on Android Email client with us, you are most welcome .To share just comment in comment box

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