Fedora Linux 18 "Spherical cow" is now available in market.

Fedora Spherical cow

After a delay of approximate 2 and 0.5 months fedora Linux 18 “spherical cow” is finally released on 15 January 2013 which was previously scheduled on 6th November 2012. The main problem behind its delay was with fedora Linux anaconda, its software installation and update program. 

The new Anaconda is designed to make installing Fedora Linux much smoother and faster experience. It supports installation from local and remote sources such as CDs and DVDs, images stored on a hard drive, NFS, HTTP, and FTP. It will also support python debugger. 

Project leader of fedora Linux Robyn Bergeron said that in the future we will concentrate on 6 month release cycle. It’s particularly well-known for its business-focused features.

So what’s the new in Fedora 18"spherical cow”, the most new thing about it is its new interface for the installation procedure. Other key features in Fedora 18"spherical cow" are-

Samba 4:

It is a latest version of the suite of tools that provide file and print-sharing services in heterogeneous OS environments. Now, with Samba 4, open-source server program now supports Active Directory (AD).

System Storage Manager:

It is a command line interface tool that provides a unified storage management tools view. In the fedora 18 it will be more familiar while providing storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS).

Mate desktop: 

What is great in Linux is the availability of all "desktops” fedora 18 just looked this point very carefully and Fedora 18 is available in GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon and Xfce. The default option is GNOME and the desktop environment of the new Gnome 3.6 can be seen running on Fedora Linux desktop.

System update: 

Fedora 18 will provide offline system update facility. This is only comes along with gnome desktop. It will provide us the critical software packages offline.

Eucalyptus/cloud support:

It is making a debue in fedora Linux 18. It will include with cloud software 3.2.

Programming language updates: 

Fedora Linux 18 includes many updates to language and programming environment, including fresh versions of Python, Rails, D and Perl. System Tap has also been updated to the 2.0 release. This extends its capabilities for instrumenting code and other diagnostic capabilities, and gives those abilities to a greater pool of user access levels.

            It also includes oVirt Engine, it is a virtualization management system and it will provide data centre ready virtualization management program.

          It will also provide us secure boost that will enable boot on systems that have Secure Boot enabled. Fedora was the first project who worked with Windows 8's Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)

The most of the changes in the new version are mainly focused for system administrators.

Installation procedure:

Here are few steps two install it:
1.    Download
Fedora 18 iso image from here.
2.    For installation using
USB stick
3.    For installing using

So, over all there are many new features in fedora Linux 18. I haven’t install it yet as a desktop so I cant say about it but as its features it looks like it will be suitable for Linux server  work. 
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